Ball Handling

Ball Handling

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Ball Handling
  • Ball Handling and Separation Moves

  • Ball Handling Drills, Inverted Drag Move, and Ball Handling Burnout

    This session reviews different ball handling drills and techniques. The inverted drag move is introduced. This is one of the core separation moves that I teach and can be really effective in changing directions on a drive as well. There is a ball-handling burnout challenge at the end as and it he...

  • Off-Hand Activation and Ball Handling

    This workout helps develop your handle while dealing with a defender in front of you. It's difficult to maintain pressure from a defender while maintaining a smooth controlled dribble at the same time. This will help you to train your brain so that you can do two separate things at once (dribblin...

  • Change of Speed/Pace and Ball Handling

    This workout helps you develop a better understanding and feel for a change of pace and speed on the court! Your handle will become more smooth and you will become more confident in your abilities as you learn to change speeds without fumbling the ball. This is a great workout that can be done at...

  • Ball Handling and Separation Moves

    This workout is a great 30-40 minute workout you can do at home or at a local gym. You also get a ball handling burnout challenge at the end of the workout to develop stamina. You will notice that as you do these ball handling burnouts that your stamina will increase and you won't be as tired whi...

  • Weak Hand Development and Separation Moves

    This workout is perfect for anyone trying to develop their ball handling with their non-dominant hand. There is also a section on separation moves with one of the separation moves being the "Under Drag". This is one of my favorite one on one moves that I see skilled basketball players use time an...

  • Tennis Ball Hand Eye Coordination

    *Be sure to see the testing option below*

    Tennis ball drills have been a staple for ball handling at all levels. Steph Curry is one of the greats that consistently uses tennis ball in his training. These tennis ball drills will test your hand eye coordination and overall handle. These drills wil...

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Completion

    Congratulations on your success! Remember to revisit this 8-Week Ball Handling Course to continue to improve each time!

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Introduction

    Prepare yourself to become a ball-handling master!

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Testing Workout

    This workout will test you on multiple aspects of ball handling. The workout gives you a way to quantify your training throughout the 8-week ball handling course. Testing occurs before week 1, after week 4, and after week 8. This will help you see if you are improving or not! Tracking your progre...

  • Zig Zag and Fast Bound Drills (One Ball)

    *Check description below description for testing option*

    These are some of my favorite ball handling drills to do! They are so applicable for games because we are constantly having to drive and change direction as a ball handler! This training video is one that should and could be done daily to ...

  • Two-Ball Ball Handling Workout

    If any of the two-ball ball handling drills are too hard you can always use one basketball until you feel more comfortable with that and then you can add a second basketball!

  • Ball Handling Burnout

    You can use this ball handling burnout as a test to assess if your ball handling stamina and control is improving! To test yourself you will count how many reps you can get in each of the 5 minutes and then a total amount of reps for the entire 5 minutes. Come back and retest yourself to see if y...

  • Ball Control

    Get the basketball on a string! This workout will help you revamp your ball control and improve your in-game handle! Remember to push yourself in each of the drills and challenge yourself with how hard you're pounding the ball and the speed of the ball! Time to get to work!

  • Finger Tips, Ball Control, and Coordination

    Being able to properly dribble the ball, at times, with your finger tips with quick low dribbles is necessary for proper ball control. You will also get a better feel for rhythm, coordination, and overall control while going through this ball-handling workout! Time to get to work!

  • Levels and Ball and Body Control

    In this ball-handling workout you will be put through a series of drills where you will be dribbling tall and then when you are dribbling while you are low. You will be moving throughout the workout both going forwards and backwards. You will also go through some drills that really challenge your...

  • Ball Handling Wall Drills

    These ball handling drills help develop hand speed, coordination, off-hand activation, and even some passing off the dribble. Try to get as many reps as you can in the time given to you for each of the drills! Get to work!

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Calendar KEY

    110 KB

    Here is the KEY that breaks down the abbreviations for the workouts on the course calendar so you know which workouts to do each day of the 8-week program! Time to become a ball handling master! Get to it!

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Testing Report

    70.8 KB

    When you start the 8-week program you can print this out and keep track of your pre-test, mid-test, and post-test scores to see if you are improving or not. Video yourself doing each of the tests so you can make sure that you're not accidentally making up any numbers or accidentally giving yourse...

  • 8-Week Ball Handling Course Calendar

    239 KB

    This PDF will show you exactly which workouts you are supposed to do each day through the entire 8-week program! Remember that the abbreviations for the names of the workouts in the calendar have a KEY that shows which workouts are which if you can't tell what workouts they are by the short names...