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Watch this video and more on Virtual Skills Library

8-Week Ball Handling Course Testing Workout

Ball Handling • 7m 25s

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  • Zig Zag and Fast Bound Drills (One Ball)

    *Check description below description for testing option*

    These are some of my favorite ball handling drills to do! They are so applicable for games because we are constantly having to drive and change direction as a ball handler! This training video is one that should and could be done daily to ...

  • Two-Ball Ball Handling Workout

    If any of the two-ball ball handling drills are too hard you can always use one basketball until you feel more comfortable with that and then you can add a second basketball!

  • Ball Handling Burnout

    You can use this ball handling burnout as a test to assess if your ball handling stamina and control is improving! To test yourself you will count how many reps you can get in each of the 5 minutes and then a total amount of reps for the entire 5 minutes. Come back and retest yourself to see if y...