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Watch this video and more on Virtual Skills Library

Zig Zag and Fast Bound Drills (One Ball)

Ball Handling • 5m 25s

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    If any of the two-ball ball handling drills are too hard you can always use one basketball until you feel more comfortable with that and then you can add a second basketball!

  • Ball Handling Burnout

    You can use this ball handling burnout as a test to assess if your ball handling stamina and control is improving! To test yourself you will count how many reps you can get in each of the 5 minutes and then a total amount of reps for the entire 5 minutes. Come back and retest yourself to see if y...

  • Ball Control

    Get the basketball on a string! This workout will help you revamp your ball control and improve your in-game handle! Remember to push yourself in each of the drills and challenge yourself with how hard you're pounding the ball and the speed of the ball! Time to get to work!